As we head into a more technology based world most people are relying on online work. The millions of freelancers and content creators are on an all-time rise and not about to slow down anytime soon. Many people are leaving their 9-5 office job to work at home online. Content creators continue to build a stack of skills which increase their market value. One thing that is in common with them all is that they are always looking for the best, most reliable and trusted form of being paid for their work which is fast, private and secure. That is where we plan to come in. We have created a cryptocurrency to be used for these services. A fully decentralized platform where exchange of services can be organized all in one stop, making SyoLogic coin the most efficient and useful currency. We ensure secured and rapid transactions, multi-wallets, stealth address for complete anonymity and encrypted messaging. Masternodes are in place to help secure and maintain the network. Masternodes owners have an incentive for maintaining and help secure the network. SyoLogic Coin is a hybrid using proof of work and proof of stake. Upon reaching block 19,999 it will switch to Proof of Stake. This keeps the supply low and the demand high. Because of the cutting edge cryptography we have implemented, no one can access your records, information or transactions. The more SyoLogic Coin’s you mine the greater the reward will be for you down the line. The moment you obtain SyoLogic it will change the way you may have previously thought about the market. It is a rewarding resource with high yearly interest.

Our Vision


Masternodes are servers that run an SYO Logic wallet online 24/7. They are vital for registering transactions, mixing coins using DarkSend. An SYO masternode is required to have 5000 SYO coins, a dedicated IP and they have to be online 24 hours a day in order to get paid. A percentage of the block reward goes to the operator.


This technology allows for cryptocurrencies such as SyoLogicto compete with nearly instantaneous transaction systems such as credit cards for point-of-sale situations while not relying on a centralized authority. Widespread vendor acceptance of SyoLogic and InstantSend could revolutionize cryptocurrency by shortening the delay in confirmation of transactions from as long as an hour (with Bitcoin) to as little as a few seconds.


The benefits of privacy in cryptocurrencies are that they become fungible and safer to use. This protects the community’s balances from prying eyes whilst still maintaining the option to send a fully transparent transaction, should one be required.

Block Number Block reward MN Reward POW Reward POS Reward
1 300000 0 300000 [Premine] 0
2-11 0.1 0 0.1 0
12-20000 35 22.75 12.25 0
20000 - Last block 35 26.25 0 8.75

Coin Specifications


Algorithm: Quark
BlockTime: 2 minutes
Ticker: SYO
Blockreward: 35 SYO
Max Supply: 13,500,000
Masternode Collateral: 5,000
RPC Port: 15786
P2P Port: 3255


2018 Q2

POW until block 19,999.
* Distribute SYOLogic to thousands of users across the world, coming together to join SYOLogic Coin’s communities.
* In the first month of launch POS starts and Listing of SYOLogic Coin on multiple exchange platforms.
* Introducing ways to building a better governed internet of the people, this will Enables our community to democratically shape the future of SYOLogic Coin.

2018 Q3

* Social media campaign is launched.
* Bounty campaigns is launched. *Paid ads and banners.
* Video tutorial release.
*Futuristic Electron Wallet
*Vote will take place on website feedback.
Any changes that investors agree on will be implemented asap.
This will help improve sustainability, facilitate future maintenance, and establish a baseline for future development.

SyoLogic Magazine Template displayed on iPhone
2018 Q4

*Mobile wallets (android and iOS) release.
* Online Meetings are to be held with the head of content creators and freelancer websites
* Investor vote will be taken place.

2019 Q1

* Merchant payment integration.
* Pitching SYOLogic Coin at university economy days
* Have content creators to trial our service. Online and video reviews will be shown to the community.
* Team Expansion will take place. As the community continues to grow, we will have had to scale up our team size to match the community size.

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